If you’re reading this you’ve probably been following the drama on twitter in which I was harassed, doxxed and intimidated after I asked if a book was problematic. I have been open and honest about my role in this situation, though some people continue to paint me as “evil”, “toxic” and a harassing bully myself. That so many people came out to support me today, and were blocked by CH for doing so (who then locked her account, and subsequently deleted it altogether) just goes to show that it is almost universally agreed that her behaviour was abhorrent and unprofessional.

Here are the emails I sent to CH. I am not posting her responses for obvious reasons, but I think its pretty clear from my side of the dialogue what I was responding to.

1st email sent immediately after I received the notification from PayPal that she had sent £0.01 and a threat of legal action:

“Hi Claire, thanks for reaching out I have to say I’m a baffled by your threats to take legal action. 

I do not believe that asking if the contents of your book are problematic and potentially harmful to those with eating disorders is defamation? 
And in fact, my friend, who after reading the free sample on kindle was indeed triggered by your writing which has potentially caused a relapse in their eating disorder. 
I exchanged only a few tweets with you, none of which were defamatory, perhaps you’d be willing to explain from your perspective? 
Ad I said in one of my tweets to you, you, as an author, have a responsibility to your readership to refrain from writing harmful content. 
My questioning of your book (which I did read the reviews for and read the free sample myself by the way) was purely out of concern for the potential damage it could cause. This is following the recent similar calling out of other authors/books for perpetuating harmful racism, ableism and mental illness tropes. (The Black Witch & Carve the Mark) 
I think it’s doubly abhorrent that you would act so callously (without reasonable cause) towards a multiply disabled single parent in poverty. 
Like I said, please clarify which of my tweets were defamatory and why 
I look forward to hearing your explanation. 
Jenni “
2nd email in response to her, in which I address the multiple complaints she had and the accusations that she made, as well as offering to delete said “defamatory” tweets.
Ms Hennessy,
Thank you for your speedy response! I will address your concerns in turn. 
1: The promotional tweet for your book was retweeted into my timeline. I quote tweeted it to ask if any of my friends/followers had read it because from the cover, Amazon book description, and the reviews that were already available, I saw potential for the content to be harmful to people with eating disorders. I’m sure you will agree that ED is a sensitive subject and should therefore be handled with care. As a person in recovery from an eating disorder myself, I can assure you that my concern was not hypocritical. Nor am I responsible for my friends choosing of their own free will to take a further look at your work despite the obvious trigger warnings from my tweets. 
2: I asked my followers to share my tweets as I believed that you responded inappropriately and unprofessionally to a harmless question. I can understand that may be perceived as an intent to provoke offense, however, my aim was simply to make other people aware of your book, and the way that you handled polite criticism as your defensive attitude and unwillingness to engage civilly was a massive red flag. 
3: As a result of my initial tweet asking about potential harm, several of your followers proceeded to troll me and antagonise me. One such account was an anonymous person, who had not tweeted for a significant amount of time, all of a sudden resurrecting their account to call me out. I found that highly suspicious and presumed it was you. If it wasn’t, I apologise. 
4: I have no idea what you are referring to when you say 
“You have also both encouraged and responded to statements pertaining to my (alleged) mental health and wellbeing which are inaccurate and problematic.”
Please elaborate/clarify this. 
5: My comment to Amanda has been misconstrued and taken out of context. After several tweets from her goading me, patronising me and insulting me, I was pushed to respond out of spite with the unfortunate comment “don’t reproduce”. My meaning behind this was – please don’t have children who you will inevitably raise to become bigots like yourself”. At that point I was completely unaware of her conditions and apologised straight away as soon as she revealed them. I categorically do not believe that only people wh have disclosed all of their information should be protected, however, it is clear from my bio, and my tweets during that day what my disabilities are, because Amanda made reference to them several times. Ergo, she was abusive to me in full knowledge of my disabilities and has not yet apologised for her actions. People who then came to back her/you up repeatedly used ableist slurs towards me. Is that acceptable? 
6: My “Author – centric” commentary is not defamatory. I asked if your book was harmful, and it turns out that it is. As an author in the public sphere, your work is open to critique and judgement. I suggest you point your solicitors to other people on twitter who criticise other authors, most relevant cases being, as I mentioned in my first email, “The Black Witch” and ” Carve the Mark”. You are not immune to criticism, and if someone feels your work is poor/harmful and your response to concerned potential readers is unprofessional, they have a right to say so. 
7: What is grotesque is you using your privilege to harass and intimidate someone (me) purely because I had, and shared publicly, a dislike of your work and your attitude. What you are doing is commonly know in the abuse survivors community as ‘gaslighting’. You know full well that I can’t afford legal representation ( you made that clear in your paypal note), heck, I can’t even afford to buy your book at the moment! Furthermore, I’m sure you are only too aware that what you are doing now is contributing to my mental illness. Are you really willing to cause severe mental distress of a person simply because they criticised your work and actions as an author? Are you willing to send me into an autistic meltdown/shutdown purely for your own smug satisfaction? You clearly stated that you don’t like me, what purpose is your agenda serving other than affecting my mental health? What impact has my few tweets had on you that warrants you triggering a potential suicide attempt in me? 
Finally, despite my opinion that your actions are abhorrent, it should be plainly obvious that I am neither mentally or financially in a position to tackle this legally. I am happy to delete any tweets that you deem defamatory, and would make a public apology for the sake of this being dropped. 
I hope that is satisfactory, look forward to hearing from you and moving forward. 
After discovering that she had found my linkedIn page and used it to doxx me I sent her this.
Can I also say, using my name which you have garnered from my email address and using it to dox me on Twitter is completely out of order. My real name & info is not on my Twitter account for a reason and your tweet linking to my LinkedIn page puts me in an extremely vulnerable position. Please remove it immediately”
My response to her deleting the tweet. Please note that she has still failed to identify the tweets that she was unhappy with, continues to make false accusations and hadn’t responded to the majority of my previous lengthy email. It was during this time that for some reason, despite already being engaged in a dialogue via email, that she, for the second time, sent me £0.01 via paypal with another threat.
“Thank you for deleting the tweet. My first name is in my JustGiving page but not my full name. My friends and the book community are being very supportive and are horrified at your actions. I have not harassed you. we exchanged 2/3 tweets in total. Any further tweets about you were me defending myself when your fans came to troll me. 

You have no legal case. You are a vindictive person who had a childish reaction at someone being negative about your book. My very first tweet to you was neither aggressive nor hostile. You could have responded very differently, however, you chose to go instantly on the defense and cause this shit storm yourself. I had forgotten about you after you blocked me. You however, chose to maliciously intimidate and harass me for your own satisfaction. I simply asked if your book was problematic, your actions since then have resulted in you making yourself look like a childish, nasty harasser. If your reputation is ruined, its because of YOUR actions, not mine. 
I hope this is the last I hear from you, and I hope you’re ashamed of your behaviour.”
 And finally, she was outraged that I suggested she had no legal case, kept mentioning her solicitors again (who I’m yet to hear from) and funnily enough, when it was clear that I was refusing to back down, lost her cool and got sweary with me. I STILL have not been asked to delete any tweets, she vaguely says ” you might want to delete” and “you can choose whether or not to do that”.
“Again, please provide me with proof of where i have made assertions about your mental health, I have done no such thing. I have not accused you of setting out to do deliberate harm either, I simply postured that the contents of your book ARE harmful and triggering and that you as an author must take responsibility for that. Your work HAS caused mental distress – to myself and other people. Me saying so is neither untrue nor libellous. 

By sharing my LinkedIn page, you did indeed doxx me. You shared my full name, contact details and employment history, none of which have ever been publicly available on my twitter account. In doing so, you have revealed personal information that could be used against me by trolls. 
Appropriated language meant to protect the vulnerable? I AM the vulnerable, I’m protecting myself against you and your fans who think that sustained harassment and smearing of me is acceptable behaviour. I made no assumptions about anyone’s disabilities/conditions. I made a comment after hours of being insulted and provoked by people defending you, with no knowledge that that person was unable to have children, I immediately apologised and called myself out for it. YOU and they despite having full knowledge of my disabilities and mental health issues, chose to sustain an attack on me. 
Again, nothing I have said about you is defamatory. It is all true, and all you are doing is digging yourself into a bigger whole. Please stop playing the victim in all this when you are in fact the perpetrator. I HAVE NOT lied about you anywhere. I have not accused you of murder or indirectly killing people. I have however, said that the content of at least 2 of your books has the potential to cause harm to people with mental illness. 
Sharing private correspondence? You mean the passive aggressive threats you sent to me on PayPal? That shared only your name (which is publicly available anyway) and your cruel words. Not doxxing in the slightest. Clear from my TL that I do this often? You are the first author I have ever engaged with in this way. If you’re referring to me calling out shitty people, then yes, I do that often as part of my intersectional activism. Without consequences? One of your fans told me to “go jump in front of a train”. I regularly get trolled, harassed and abused for daring to highlight and call out problematic stuff. 
Anyway, your actions have horrified a great number of people so should you wish to pursue a legal case against me, I will have no problem in getting pro bono legal representation. You have also led people to donate to my paypal and just giving funds so thank you for that. 
I also have screenshots of everything you have tweeted and have been advised that I have a substantial case against you with regards to harassment. I would like to take this moment to refer you to the tragic case of Julia Lonewolf, who took her own life after she was treated the way you are treating me. Tread VERY carefully when you consider continuing your actions against me. 
Please do not contact me again.” 
So there you have it. I tried to remain civil and mature, I think given the circumstances I did a pretty good job of that.
Best wishes to CH who I hope is taking time out to reflect and self evaluate.