There’s something poetic about being alone. And I mean totally alone, not just hiding upstairs from your family. 

When every ounce of tension just washes out of you like a tide receding on the beach. 

Everything becomes a little clearer and more pure. 

When your heart rate slows down and your breathing follows suit. 

When the circus in your brain packs up and moves on. 

When you can focus on the one thing that you want to instead of the 20 things intruding your mind. 

When you can close your eyes and smile knowing this is the calm and there will be no storm. At least not for a while yet. 

When you can crawl into your comfort zone safe in the knowledge that it won’t be invaded. 

When you can take off all the masks and camouflage and fancy dress and strip down to your soul. 

When you can close all the metaphorical doors and control who has the keys.

When you can indulge in your special interest to your hearts content, swept away in time.

When you can be unapologetically you with no judgement, abuse or ridicule.

When you can be selfish and practice self care and put yourself first.

When you can choose what occupies your time and not worry about the needs of others for they are taken care of. 

When you can be as active or passive as you like, getting shit done or doing fuck all. 

When you can allow yourself to get sucked in to the black holes of twitter or YouTube and wonder how you ended up watching foxes bouncing on a trampoline in the London suburbs. 

When you can relish every last second before the peace is broken and the status quo is reinstated. 

Embrace the solitude. 

The Aspie Mermaid x