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May 2016

In response

This blog post is my response to This article about “what Neurodiversity gets wrong.  Continue reading “In response”

It’s OK

Dear me… Continue reading “It’s OK”

The Golden Ticket

Yesterday, my life changed. Yesterday, I discovered that I have been accepted to study a PG Cert in Autism and Asperger’s syndrome at Sheffield Hallam University. I don’t have an Undergraduate degree. All I have is personal experience of life on the spectrum, and a 1000 word essay that I was asked to produce in order to prove my ability to work at Masters level. I am extremely rusty at essay writing, having to go through old file to remind myself how to reference sources properly. I am also not used to writing essay’s in the first person as this was frowned upon by Open University (and probably at most Uni’s in general). However, the title I was given was “My understanding of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome”. So I figured that I could put a different spin on it than I would with a traditional academic piece of writing.  Continue reading “The Golden Ticket”

Executive (Dys)Function

You can’t function without Executive Function. It’s the processing power that enables you to do what you need to do, think what you need to think about and get stuff done. Your inner motivator if you will. Continue reading “Executive (Dys)Function”

We were on a break…

I’m back 🙂 On a battered laptop whose casing is falling apart and I have to be careful how I open and close it for fear of the screen falling off. But I’m back nonetheless.  Continue reading “We were on a break…”

After a brief hiatus…


I disappeared recently from the blogosphere when I had to give my laptop back to my employer. With the length that I tend to ramble on, typing over 1000 words on my phone just isn’t practical.

However, I’m soon to be reunited with my old (broken but still functional) laptop and will therefore be bombarding you with lots of posts. Sorry not sorry.

I asked on Twitter what you would like me to write about and several people said they’d like me to write about my break from blogging, why, how I felt about it etc so that will be my first proper post.

I would also like to write about my new lifestyle and family dynamics, an autistic update, recovery from depression, and lots more. Again, if there’s something you are interested in my experience or opinions of, please do let me know and I’ll be happy to write about it!

I’m pretty vocal on Twitter but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough!

Thank you for sticking with me, for continuing to follow me here and on Twitter and I hope you enjoy future posts 🙂

The Aspie Mermaid x

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