Hey! I am The Autistic Mermaid, welcome to my blog!

I am 29 years old, a single parent, autistic student. I realised that I have a lot to say. Or rather, that I think about a lot of things and don’t have an outlet for it. I started this blog as a way of capturing my thoughts in a coherent way. Hopefully this process will enable me to think clearer. This blog is now almost 1 year old! It has become somewhat neglected, however, I intend to rectify that in 2017.

Since starting this blog, I have found my #neurosiblings on twitter. The community means so much to me, it is a 24/7 support network and a place to share ideas, experiences and the ups and downs of being autistic.

I have separated things into a few categories that fit what I mostly think about, have an opinion on, or want to share. But these categories may change, or there may just be random posts that don’t fit into any particular box. A bit like me.

I don’t intend to become a famous blogger, I may not even share this with anyone at all. I just like the idea of having my own, quiet little corner of the internet. It’s therapeutic.